La Cepa

31 de Agosto, 7-9 - Parte Vieja (Old Town)

An old school pintxo bar serving the classics. Handsome hams are hung from the ceiling; there’s a traditional feel here but with a few quirky twists if you look hard enough.

And it’s the platters of Iberico ham that La Cepa is well known for – arguably the best in San Sebastian. You can’t go wrong with a plate of seasonal mushrooms either, if you haven’t filled up on the cold pintxos from the bar (which we usually do). They have menu cards in different languages if you’re not confident enough to read the Spanish blackboards.

This is one of the larger bars, with a few tables inside and a couple outside too, where you can relax in prime position to watch pintxo crawlers work their way along 31 de Agosto. The kitchen is open pretty much all day, from 11am until midnight, although the bar is closed on Tuesdays.